Girl of the Hour!!

You too could become a model!!!
It’s our philosophy that every woman is beautiful in her own way. We believe that women are beautiful not in spite of their imperfections, but because of them. Don’t be intimidated by professional models featured on our website. You too can become Girl of the Hour. And don’t worry, we don’t need you to send a topless photo if you don’t feel comfortable with it; not even a bikini photo (although we would welcome it) - send a photograph of yourself that you love and we will publish it*
Becoming Girl of the Hour is EASY! Read on to learn how

Why become Girl of the Hour?
There are many reasons why you may want to become Girl of the Hour. Here are just some of them:
How to become a model on our website?
We try to make the whole process as seamless and easy as possible, but we do need some kind of verification that it is really YOU sending us your picture to be featured on GOTH. So, in addition to sending us pictures you want featured on our website, we also need you to send a picture of yourself holding a piece of paper with GOTH written on it, or your phone or tablet.

Something like this:

Please send at least 10 pictures per gallery, preferably 15. You can send us as many different sets as you like and we will post them in different galleries on your profile page.
Let us know the time and date when you would like your picture to be featured on our home page (i.e. June 20 at 4pm). Please bear in mind that the time zone we use is CET (Central European Time)

Share as much or as little info about yourself as you like.
Link your profile to your FaceBook, Instagram or Twitter page. If you feel like it, you can tell our visitors anything about yourself - your age, your background, what you do in life, your hobbies, your favorite book or movie, what you aspire to be and where you see yourself five years from now. Share only as much as you feel comfortable with.
And if you don't want to share anything other than your pictures - that is fine too.
Please make sure to read Terms and Conditions
Alternatively, you can email us your pictures and info at

*Terms and Conditions Apply